Albania Sustainable Development Organization (ASDO) was created in 17 November 2011.


ASDO is committed to offer innovative and sustainable services and products, while focusing its work in building capacities, transforming markets and policies toward environmental sustainability and technological projects for young people, local governments, artists and vulnerable communities.

The organization is a team of experts and volunteers from different that work to ensure the sustainability of our projects. We are engaged in collaborating with international organizations by building partnerships and launching innovative projects that promote economic development, education, culture and the protection of the environment and climate.


Providing education, training and consultancy to interest groups through research, data analysis, reports and technological solutions, in the fields of Education, Culture, Climate and Environment, Technology and Innovation and Economic Development.

Through our work we have established a wide network of participants and collaborators in our programs and projects, composed mostly of young people involved in Innovation, Tourism and Agriculture, in Shkodra, Tirana, Korça, Roskovec, Durrës, Kavaja, Gjirokastra and Fier.


Our management team has an established experience in project management, with more than 15 years of experience working alongside Public and Private Institutions. Our executive director has been director of Innovation Hub, the first national incubation center in Albania, where she was awarded for the best public service given to startups in 2017. In addition, she has been part of the working group in drafting the Startup law and the digital agenda in 2014.

Apart from the management team, we engage prominent experts in the fields of technology, economics, environmental management, sustainability, tourism and agriculture development. Our collaborators are experienced in teaching, research, and project implementation in national and international environments. Throughout this ongoing collaboration, we have been able to establish a pool of experts, who are active in the community and very well suitable for the purposes of this bidding.



The world is changing at a fast pace with many technological advancements. To benefit from these advancements, it is necessary to keep innovating in order to bring economic and social development.

Since 2011 ASDO has collaborated with governmental stakeholders and other international organization in the field of innovation by boosting the creation of new innovative ideas and technologies by young people in Albania.

Our Innovation and Technology projects aim to create sustainable bonds with the national and international innovation ecosystem. Through scientific research and BiblioTech corners, which can be considered as innovation hubs, we try to support innovative start-up ideas by strengthening their business ideas and developing their capacities.


We put an emphasis on Education as a key factor in achieving sustainable economic development. Through training, raising public awareness, public participation and public access to information, we create bridges of cooperation at all levels. A well-functioning educational system can positively affect the economic development of the society by improving literacy, addressing teaching and learning methodologies by focusing on problem solving and critical thinking, and by promoting sustainable action from a young age.

Education in its content and approach can provide the knowledge and skills needed for making informed decisions about how to adapt our lifestyle to a changing environment.

Fostering dialogue between the academic world and society at large is at the core of several activities and programs that we at ASDO implement. Our education projects aim at contributing to developing digital skills and competences among children, teenagers and adults participating in our events. Our teaching and learning activities include the use of ICT, open access tools and other digital means, in order to achieve a high outreach and spread knowledge about these subjects to the wider society.

Climate & energy

ASDO promotes positive action in the field of climate, energy and sustainable economic development. The increasing awareness on climate change, has put science and policymakers in front of new challenges. Strong climate action, sustainable development and protection of the environment are at the core of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the EU Sustainable Development Strategy. Addressing climate change and energy efficiency is a necessity in our globalizing societies. Different initiatives around the globe are aiming at mitigating these problems by offering a number of different approaches and solutions. Mitigation of climate change includes solid action in achieving energy efficiency through the adoption of renewable energy sources. This calls for strong action from the business sector, as the driver of innovation and implementation of new technologies. These new perspectives open new opportunities also for the financial sector, by developing new financial products thus making finance flows consistent with climate goals.

The shift towards these goals, more challenging for developing countries, as the needs to fulfill basic economic conditions and improve living standards, compete with climate goals. Addressing these challenges, our projects and programs include knowledge and action on sustainable development, climate change, climate finance, “green” economy, circular economy, and energy efficiency, renewables and other related topics.

Art & Culture

Art in all of its forms and culture have contributed to the development of our societies. Festivals, handcrafted goods, food, and music are essential for fostering a sense of community among people all over the world by sharing tales and information about the connections between humans and their environment through generations. Art has a special ability to capture the winds of change as they affect the creation and growth of civilizations and the people who live in them. It has the ability to act and convey messages, thoughts, and expressions, where words fail. In Albania, spiritual belief systems and local perceptions of the relationship between nature and people are closely related to art and culture.

Through its projects and programs, ASDO intends to make more visible contribution related to art and culture in their various forms, and to recognize, learn and share the experiences we create in order to inspire others in the development of new perspectives. Art and cultural projects and program promote theatre, literature, painting, sculpture, poetry, music, dance, architecture, and storytelling.

Who trusted us

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Ministry of Education
Municipality of Korca
Municipality of Roskovec
Municipality of Shkodra
Save the Children
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