Albania Sustainable Development Organization’s aim is to carry out research studies, treatment of data, produce reports, consultancy services, etc.. in study areas as culture, art, environment and its protection, economic development, youth, local government, gender equality, social problems, corruption, micro credit, etc.. Where people with common goals meet to share ideas, to solve problems, to cope with challenges and create new opportunities. To strengthen the role of civil society and local government by documenting and disseminating knowledge, best practices nationally and internationally. To strengthen their role in research including policy making in dialogue at all levels, local, national and regional.

Our vision: Better living for all—sustainability.

Our mission: To champion innovation, enabling societies to live sustainable.

Our role: Albania Sustainable Development Organization promotes the transition toward a sustainable future; we seek to demonstrate how human ingenuity can be applied to improve the well-being of the environment, economy and society.

Our tools are policy research, information exchange, analysis and advocacy.

Our products are action recommendations based on careful analysis, knowledge networks to build the capacity of civil society and other organizations. We provide analysis, data and useful information directing research projects to enhance the quality of life and socio-economic development that relies on environmental protection in the country.

Our audiences are government, business and civil society.

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