Support in organizing the activities for the Innovation Week

Period implementing: 28 April 2016 – 30 June 2016

Albania Sustainable Development Organization has started the implementation of the assignment with the focus of promoting the civic society engagement in twofold:

  • Conceptualization of public events to be held during the innovation week 2016, which has taken place during 16-24 May 2016. This year theme was: The fourth Industrial Revolution.
  • Guidance on the organization of future annual innovation weeks by the Government of Albania aimed at promoting innovation in all sectors of Albanian society.

For this assignment A.S.D.O experts has worked under the supervision of the Minister of Innovation and Public Administration, ISDA Project Director located at MIPA and UNDP staff.

The innovation week is the main activity of the year organized by the Ministry of State for Innovation and Public Administration, to promote innovation in the ICT sector as a whole. This year the aim was the regional collaboration in the sector of innovation, much broader involvement of well-known businesses to benefit from public services, awareness of the achievements in the sector.

Innovation Week organized for the third time on 16-24 May 2016. The objective was to promote ICT in all sectors of society. Innovation Week theme was: Fourth Industrial Revolution. This week’s activities were grouped into themes:

  •  Innovation in Albania Region
  • Inauguration of the Building Innovation
  • Regional ICT Ecosystem
  • Albania Model, Digital Agenda Day
  • Google Street View
  • Youth in ICT
  • The contest “Time Coding”
  • Girls Marathon Code-fest
  • Smart Media
  • Media’s next generation
  • Innovation in Administration – Public sector studies
  • Info-Com Albania
  • The 7th Forum of Serbian Telecommunications (24 May 2016)

During each day, there were activities that were organized in collaboration with line ministries, international partners or other stakeholders, as agencies, companies, according to the theme of the day.

The target Audience was:

  • Private sector: To promote their innovative products; to new groups of young people with innovative ideas; to promote cooperation between them and the innovative spirit.
  • Youth: promotion of initiatives encouraging young people, encouraging innovation in the design of projects through competitions, dedicated activities and specific forums.
  • Media: The inclusion of all audio-visual media, digital, online, social.
  • Academia world: To convey its views on an innovative transparent and efficient public administration
  • Public administration: Information or presentation with studies from academic world, public services for the administration public in order to improve the work, public services, efficiency in various public sectors etc.


The focus in the implementation of this project was to:

  • Identify the key activities and development of concept idea on innovation week
  • Submit an action plan including media coverage approach
  • Coordinate the implementation activities before, during the Innovation week
  • Prepare the final report for public dissemination
  • Prepare the Guidelines Manual and templates for the organization of future innovation weeks.