Involving men in women issues!

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August 8, 2016
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January 5, 2015

    To support Albania’s international commitments and national priorities to promote and respect human rights, promote gender equality and combat gender-based violence Albania Sustainable Development Organization (A.S.D.O) have implemented a project entitled: “Involving men in women issues” with the financial support of UNDP. During January 2015 A.S.D.O has worked for the production of a short movie having as main objective the gender issue. The movie was entitled: “He x She” and has introduced the gender role in a reverse method. (Please click here to view the full movie)

    With this movie we have organized an awareness day inviting representative of three pilot communes, Vaqarr, Kashar, Paskuqan. This short but very meaningful film is probably the best way of raising the participants’ awareness and the general public about gender equality, human rights and women well being in the societies. It is a known fact that in Albania women participation in public life, in business structure or even leaders in administration still remains at the low levels. There is a lack of initiatives for promoting rural women in the public or political life. There is a lack of using the adequate mechanisms to involve women and to inform them for their rights. There are many other obstacles that mostly women in rural areas face every day such as: economic challenges, low education level, poverty, and domestic violence, isolation from social and cultural life as well as local infrastructure.

    Our idea is mainly focused on the following objectives:

    Identify and support champion women and men especially among public figures and leaders who are willing to advocate with the community through public appearance, media exposure, and other creative forms, that violence against women is not and should not be romanticized as manly but rather condemned as a crime.