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For a safe life in clean streets

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Strengthening the Capacities
December 17, 2012
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February 20, 2012
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    n 1 July 2012, Albania Sustainable Development Organization (A.S.D.O) organized an awareness marathon from Vuno village to Himara city. The start was in 6 am where all the participants from Tirana and from the nearby areas took part voluntary. This initiative was related with the recent accident happened in Qafa e Vishes, where 11 students died from Elbasan University and others were seriously injured.

    For this reason A.S.D.O undertook a voluntary marathon where young people by running/walking touched more the risk of driving and have seen closely the terrible scene of the accident. Another main component of this marathon was delivering the message “Protect the environment”. Along the road there is a big collection of waste where their management is done manually. This place is very polluted and anyone isn’t taking any initiative for cleaning it.

    In the accident place each participant accompanied by one minute of silence have placed one fresh flower in the memory of young people who didn’t make to Himara. The running/walking restarted with a lot of thinking and reflecting for all the above mentioned topics. In the end all the participants had the possibilities to take a good swim in Ionian sea, after 8 km of road, feeling more inspired, relieved and contributing for their country.