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Digital Rights in the Technology Era

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August 25, 2021
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August 5, 2021
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    The workshop on “Digital Rights in the Technology Era” was organized by Albania Sustainable Organization in collaboration with the Innovation Department on 30.06.2021. The workshop was supported by the Dutch Embassy in Tirana with the participation of 24 young people, who seek more information about Cyber Security and see this as an area where they want to carry out specializations in the future to grow professionally and educate themselves.

    The transformation that digital technology has made in the way of protection and violation of fundamental rights such as freedom of expression and access to information and the recognition of new rights is outrageous. Laws are therefore adapting to the new era of digital rights and digital citizenship, accessing information online in a secure and transparent manner. Technology is advancing every day and faster like: broke-down connections, hyperlink that facilitates 5G, Big Data analysis, Edge Computing for processing and all these transformations bring the need to regulate rights.