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Art and History in an electronic game

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July 5, 2021
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Made in Tirana
April 8, 2019
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    Implementation period: 23 June 2020 - 30 September 2020

    Creative industries are dynamic and constantly evolving, they produce in non-traditional forms, intensive and creative knowledge raising awareness of the cultural, artistic and historical heritage of the country. Nowadays, the use of technology not only by young age groups but by all citizens is growing in dizzying forms. Seeing on the one hand the high interest of young people in technological tools and on the other hand a decrease in the desire to learn the history and culture of the country, it was thought to find an intermediate form where these two different concepts intertwine with each other. becoming an indispensable and quite tangible tool of youth.

    Art and History in an electronic game is the project implemented by the Albania Sustainable Development Organization (ASDO) with the support of the Ministry of Culture. This concept idea represents the creation of an electronic game in which young people of different age groups will be involved in a didactic and technological experience simultaneously accompanied by learning through play. A platform will be developed which will operate on Android systems (overcrowded platforms in use) which will contain an interactive game accompanied by continuous information about the history and culture of the country, such as the story of Skanderbeg in electronic form. For each stage of the game the information that will be presented in it will be detached from the history of the country, where there will be events and happenings from the Albanian culture heritage. The implementation of this idea will bring two innovations:

    Having for the first time the history of Albania and the culture of the country in electronic form. Transmission of knowledge, culture, heritage in an interactive, technological and modern form. The information in the game will not only be written but will be the key to its development and the passage of stages from one to another.

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