Hurry Into the Right Employment Direction

Hurry Into the Right Employment Direction

Albania Sustainable Development Organization since March 2015 is implementing the project entitled “Hurry Into the Right Employment Direction – HIRED”, with the financial support of the Erasmus Plus program and inspired by the famous Chinese proverb:

„When planning for a year, plant corn. When planning for a decade, plant trees. When planning for life, train and educate people.”

The key motivation behind this project is being able to empower youngsters and make them believe and feel that they can create a bright prosperous future from the ¨crisis-night¨ that they may see in the present. We want our European youth to feel that THEY ARE the FUTURE and the PROGRESS and thus, we see a necessity in youth workers/youth leaders to be competent to assist youngsters in these issues.

The main objective that the consortium wishes to reach is to raise awareness of new skills for new jobs and to add creativity in each personal method, including self-assessment, to get into the job market and be able to deal with its dynamism (each young person nowadays would change their jobs around 10 times working in completely different area).

Methodology of the training will be based in non-formal education and its holistic approach. Participants will improve their competencies through non formal methods like brainstorming, group works, simulation, role play, open group discussion, open space for reflection and other methods that trainers will adapt based in the needs of participants. The content and planned activities were based in SALTO publication as “Working on Work for All” and “Inclusion through Employ-ability” where the trainer has direct contact with the authors.

The project was designed to introduce NFL methods as part of the creative approach gathering new tools of marketing and studies on youth employment over Europe. Having an overview in a multi-dimensional problem will empower the participants to build up multi-solutions and perspectives too.