First round of exhibitions in Albanian cities

This is the first time that the protected sites of Albania are coming together for the audience of primary and secondary schools, bringing to the young generation on overview of their country’s cultural heritage treasures included in the world heritage. The project entitled: “Albania’s UNESCO protected sites in 100 photos”, has as main objective of it: “Bringing to the young generation an overview of their country’s cultural heritage treasures included in the world heritage”.

The travelling exhibition has started:

In Saranda on 2-5 November, in the following schools:

  • Antoni Athanas
  • Hasan Tahsimi
  • Adem Sheme
  • 9 tetori

In two Tirana schools, in “Shkolla e Kuqe” on 6 November and the “Institute of pupils with hearing impairments” on 7 November.

In Gjirokastra on 9-13 November it was organized the exhibition where children from different schools of the city of Gjirokastra and Lunxheria have visited it, such as:

  • Petro Koka
  • Naim Frasheri
  • Pandeli Sotiri
  • Koto Hoxhi
  • Fehmi Ibrahimi
  • Thoma Paparo
  • Universiteti i Gjirokastres
  • Asim Zeneli
  • Eqerem Cabej

In Korca from 19-21 November the exhibition was organized in the “Pedonalja” street, where a lot of citizens has visited it not only children from Korca schools. The main schools were:

  • Stavri Themeti
  • Sevasti Qiriazi
  • Naim Veqilharxhi
  • Naim Frasheri
  • Ismail Qemail

In Berat  from 1-4 December was organized at the music school of the city called: Shkolla e Bashkuar “Ajet Xhindole”. During these days not only students from this school were participants but as well from “Kristaq Capo”.

The last exhibition was organized in Pogradec, at the premises of the Palace of Culture. It was opened on 6 p.m until 8 p.m all the citizens were invited to participate; special invitation was reserved to children of the city. Except of 30 roll-ups presenting the two cities and the archelogical site Butrint. There were organized a small fair with the artisanal works of women of the areas, presenting their craft products such as doily, clothes for babies, items for treats and different trays etc.