Education is emphasized as a key factor in achieving sustainable economic development, serving as a bridge to develop training, public awareness, public participation, public access to information and cooperation at all levels. Education system can affect the economic development of the society action by improving literacy, addressing teaching and learning methodologies that foster a problem solving and critical thinking approach, and by promoting sustainability action since a young age. The way that people are educated and the content of education can provide the knowledge and skills needed for making informed decisions about how to adapt our lifestyle and choices to a changing environment. The need to foster dialogue between the academic world and society is at the core of several activities and programs that we at ASDO implement. Our education project aim at contributing to developing digital skills and competences among its children, teenagers and adults participating in our events. Therefore, teaching and learning activities we develop include the use of ICT, open access tools and other digital means, in order to achieve a high outreach and educational work that will spread knowledge about different subjects to the wider society.