ASDO promotes action in the field of climate, energy and sustainable economic development. The increasing awareness on climate change, has put science and policymakers in front of new challenges. The EU promotes strong climate action, sustainable development and protection of the environment. Addressing climate change and energy efficiency is a necessity in our globalizing societies. Major initiatives around the globe are aiming to mitigate this problem by offering a number of different approaches and solutions. Mitigation of climate change includes solid action in achieving energy efficiency through adopting renewable energy sources. This calls for strong action from the business sector, as the driver of innovation and implementation of new technologies. These new perspectives opens new opportunities to the financial sector, for developing new financial products, making finance flows consistent with climate goals.
The shift towards these goals, is less visible in developing countries, as the need for fulfilling basic economics conditions compete with climate goals. Addressing these challenges, our projects and programs include knowledge and action on sustainable development, climate change, climate finance, “green” economy, circular economy, and energy efficiency, renewables and other related topics.