Capacity Building in the field of Youth - ASDO

Capacity Building in the field of Youth

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September 10, 2015
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First round of exhibitions in Albanian cities
December 9, 2015

Capacity Building in the field of Youth

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Albania Sustainable Development Organization (A.S.D.O) is selected for EU co-funding for the call Capacity Building in the field of Youth.

Through the past decade Europe has changed the traditional approach to many spheres of life due to cultural, technological, social and economical shifts in the society. One of the spheres that has transformed in a significant way is the attitude towards jobs and careers and the reality of the employment market. Young people face the perspective of changing a significant number of long-term and short-term jobs and quite likely even several professions during their careers to cope with dynamic, social and economical conditions.

HIRED – Hurry Into the Right Employment Direction is a training course for youth leaders and workers who want to develop creativity as an essential competence to enter the job market. The main topic is to understand the new paradigm of the youth employment in Europe and how a creative approach along with the right attitude can open many doors and the market for young people. In this context, this project is working in accordance with European targets since the EU is working to reduce youth unemployment and to increase the youth employment rate in line with the wider EU target of achieving a 75% employment rate for the working-age population. The training course uses methods of experiential learning like role plays, simulations, drama and group sharing methods as small and large group discussions. Together, we will be working out and applying ‘new methods’ on how to raise awareness of youngsters concerning their participation in the local

community and beyond. Overall, the mission of the training course is to find ways on how to improve young people chances to succeed in the very dynamic job market. The TC will last 9 days and the partners are based in both Programme and Partner countries.