BiblioTech kick off’s it’s journey in the public libraries of Tirana!

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October 30, 2019
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August 31, 2020

BiblioTech kick off’s it’s journey in the public libraries of Tirana!

Musine Kokalari

Thursday 23 July 2020, at the premises of “MusineKokalari”, an informative session was held with  staff from several Tirana’s libraries and administrative units, UNICEF Albania and the Municipality of Tirana, to present the concept of “BiblioTech”.

“BiblioTech” is an initiative of the Municipality of Tirana, with the support of UNICEF in Albania, which aims to transform four of the capital’s libraries into dedicated venues for children and young people, passionate about Information and Communication Technology – ICT, online safety and digital literacy.

“Hamit Beqja”, “Misto Treska”, “Musine Kokalari” and “Aleksander  Moisiu” libraries will promote digital education, online protection, as well as training in ICT’s. The facilities of the existing libraries will host dedicated technological corners in their premises which will be open for young people, professionals, startups, incubators and various innovative activities for children and young people.

The dedicated team of the implementing organization, the Albania Sustainable Development Organization (ASDO), presented the concept, the activities, the equipment available in these spaces, their use, and the provision of “Friendly Wi-Fi” internet service which will be available for children and young people.

During the meeting there were discussions about the involvement of the community in the activities of libraries and “tech” corners, various topics that these spaces will host, activities for young people passionate about ICT’s and innovation, and the importance of a secure internet service. “Friendly WiFi” filtered from child abuse materials and adult pornography.

During the presentation and in conversation with the organizers, the participants wereinformed with the program, were made aware of the availability of continues assistance from the ASDO team and were provided with the user manuals for the “BiblioTech” equipment. The four libraries in collaboration with the Municipality and ASDO will be available for the organization of activities with children, young people and the community visiting the spaces.

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