BiblioTech Challenge

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November 26, 2020
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August 25, 2021

BiblioTech Challenge

bibliotech challenge

Competitions and challenges are a great way to motivate children and young people to get their tech out and make cool stuff. The BiblioTech Challenge is a national technology competition for children and young people, to encourage them to develop technological and innovative ideas on issues and challenges that affect them, their peers and their community and to prepare them for the workplace of the future by boosting their digital and online safety skills.

This competition will engage 8-18-year-old children to brainstorm, generate ideas, develop and bring to life technological and innovative concepts through fun, exciting learning and pitching.
The applicants will receive orientation and problem-solving experiences through a three day guided mentoring program, helping and encouraging children and young people to bring their ideas to life.

In these exciting three days children and young people will lead and drive the conceptualization of technological ideas. They will be engaged in tech experiences, building confidence, growing their knowledge and developing skills and habits of learning.

BiblioTech Challenge’s Goal

To boost and broaden children’s and young people’s interest in technology, innovation, human centers design, digital goods and online protection as they learn from one another to solve problems as a team. A preparatory month will precede the challenge, with dedicated informative sessions which aim to mobilize as many children as possible. The mobile Bibliotech will reach rural and suburban areas of Tirana informing children, young people, teachers and parents on the challenge. Tailored social media communication materials will be widely disseminated.

Prizes: The challenge will see 3 first winners as per the following group ages:

  1. 1st place for 8-11 years old innovators
  2. 1st place for 11-15 years old innovators
  3. 1st place for 15-18 years old innovators

The challenge is ultimately designed for children and therefore they are expected to come up with the idea and subsequent pitch. The pitches will be judged on factors such as the creativity of the idea, communication of the pitch, the problem it solves, value created and the overall quality.

Get involved: Check our website for more details (application form, information on the competition, mentors involved, awards etc.)

Disclaimer note: The purpose of BiblioTech Challenge is to create an exciting event that enhances technological skills to children and young people youngsters. The registration form is used only to communicate to parents, caregivers, teachers and children themselves about BiblioTech Challenge. Personal information is strictly confidential and will never be used for other purposes beyond the objective of the challenge. If you have questions or concerns, please kindly sent us an email at